African spirituality is one of the beliefs that exist on earth that I have just discovered about recently after I have been believing in another religion. This discovery has changed my life and way of doing things. African spirituality deals with the spirit, and that spirit you are born with. It also teaches people about morals.

I have discovered that it was always there in the olden days and our ancestors were following it and it worked for them. Needless to say, African spirituality is for black Africans because it deals with the problems that black Africans encounter.

African spirituality does not judge and it teaches people to follow their traditions and to know where they come from and where they are going. It teaches people to lead pure lifestyles without being afraid of going to hell. Now that I have discovered this way of worshiping, my life has changed a lot and I am free from all those misunderstandings about following a certain religion. African spirituality teaches people to focus on their spirit and to always make sure that their spirit is always in order.

African spirituality teaches people to be guided by the spirit which must be always clean. Spirituality is the quality of being concerned with a human spirit or the soul. To be spiritual means to be in touch with your spiritual aspects. African spirituality is not based on a system; African spirituality is based on reality. It does not imprison people.

Our ancestors were very loyal to African spirituality and it was always there in the ancient times. African spirituality deals with our Creator and how people must fear the Creator. African spirituality is a whole package because it teaches people about real life experiences and how to handle the challenges in life. It is not a magic wand because it teaches about reality.

African spirituality also deals with wise people like prophets, who are the mouthpieces of the Creator, and who guide people through the right paths. African spirituality does not make people rely on the stories from a certain book. In African spirituality, people are not encouraged by the experiences they read.

African spirituality connects people with their ancestors. It teaches people that our ancestors are not demons because they are now dead. African spirituality makes people recognise and respect ancestors.

African spirituality set the people free. Through African spirituality black Africans are empowered because they follow their customs, traditions and their culture. African spirituality does not make people lose their culture and traditions.

African spirituality restores the power of black Africans. It also connects the people with their Creator. African spirituality is the belief that our ancestors followed, it is not a church or tradition.

African spirituality is not guided by a book and does not have a foundation of the book, but is led or guided by the spirit, the one that our ancestors had before the book arrived. Now that I am following African spirituality, I have a purpose in life and I see and lead my life from a different angle.


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