Having something that you love is a great feeling in life. Whether the object is tangible or intangible, the feeling of having that thing all to yourself can never be changed or matched. Not all people have the money to afford buying gifts or items. However, in some cases it is not about the price, and instead about the thought and feelings you have towards the gift that makes them special.

Anime and Manga have become one of the fastest growing economies in the world, however that has not always been the case. Manga (referred to as comic books in English speaking countries) is a form of art that consists of graphic images with the purpose of conveying a story. Unlike comic books which focus mainly on action and comedy, Manga authors use all genres in their stories. It is a Japanese art form which goes back many generations, but in recent years has become extremely popular amongst the urban youth community. The best part about manga, like comic books, is that it can be adapted into an anime series. Where the pictures that had been drawn will be given ‘life’ and become a moving picture.

The question which crosses most people’s minds when I tell them about anime and manga is always the same… “Why?” Well, to put things into perspective, the stories told in anime and manga can be dark, comical, or inspirational. Some stories are even able to make grown folks cry. Most of the stories are heartfelt and can be relatable to the reader. This is part of the reason it is so special to me. I can relate to the characters and grow as an individual where social interaction has failed me.

In life you are able to find the smallest of things which can be special to you, they do not necessarily have to be major and significant. Being part of an interest-based culture in South Africa is difficult, considering the fact that most things that interest the youth are based on peer pressure.

Furthermore, more than any other form of entertainment, manga authors hold female characters in high regard. Oftentimes they are even more important than their male counterpart. In this particular generation female fictional characters have become popular and relatable, creating encouragement for respecting and loving women and their capabilities. For example, series such as: Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Kingdom, Soul Eater, Shingeki no Kyojin and many more.

In conclusion, I feel that reading manga and watching anime has also been beneficial to my ability to write stories. The tales I read in Manga give me motivation on my journey to being a published author, and has broadened my way of thinking as well as drafting different kinds of characters. I am currently able to write stories in any genre, as well as accompanying characters to make the story relevant and interesting.