She comes and goes as she pleases, there are no regulations in her world, she is free. Not enslaved yet she dines with giants, she is loved though she’s an outsider. Whom may I say you are?

We do not speak the same language; we do not understand the ways of our species, yet we are one. One at heart. She was once lonely, as I was. She was bruised, I was hurt. At nightfall you would disappear and at heart I was with you. Where may I say you are?

I do not know her name, I do not know who you belong to, but I believe to each other we belong. At dawn you could emerge as playful as ever knowing that a bowl of your preferred drink is as yours to have as is mine to give. What am I to you?

We shared moments together, I was there when you became a mother and you were here when I lost a brother. Gentle rubs on me announcing her arrival had been her normal ritual on my legs, that I gave way to. Why do I feel this way?

You were never mine, but I was always yours to have, your scent has vanished, your voice had been silenced. I hope you will return as eight lives you have; I will treasure our memories. We were one and one we will be again. Kitty were you mine to have?