Have you ever had a feeling that you thought to be right for the majority of your life? Only to turn around and find a trail of mistakes left behind by the wreck that is that feeling? Well, let me try by all my means to narrate a sample of what could have been a great love story.

“The one that got away” is a term used a lot by so many broken hearts who had to bear the brunt that comes with love. Now here stands a young woman who has chosen to embrace the cold of loneliness. For five years of her life she had shied away from any resemblance of a relationship. Only because she thought there was better out there. She fell in love once, a long time ago, when she used to adorn a school uniform that did not suit her frame nor enhance any of her beauty.

This young gentlemen that had captured her heart used to give her the attention she had never received all her life; she fell hard but because this was the real world and there was no standing in the rain and realising love was there all along; their love did not reach its peak, it did not even begin.

She regretted that fact ever since, and she pondered how she could get back the very feeling that his gaze once brought her. She ridiculed her brain with reading novels and investing time in watching movies such as the twilight trilogy, where love defied all sense of existence both scientific and just plain common sense.

Where Edward used words such as, “It’s an extraordinary thing to meet someone who you can bare your soul to and accept you for who you are, I’ve been waiting for what seems like a very long time to get beyond what I am. With Bella I can finally begin. So I’d like propose a toast to my beautiful bride, no measure of time with you will be long enough but let’s start with forever.”

Of course upon hearing these words any red-blooded woman would melt, yes, we are talking about fictional characters who happen to be immortal. Which by the way makes everything ten times more romantic, plus the realisation of the fact that he truly did mean forever. I am going on a tangent but bear with me, having had gone through this phase there was hope at the back of her mind that one day she would get back what she once was deprived – a chance at love.

And so, there was faith and pure determination. Now, I’m not saying there were never any doubts but whatever she lacked in confidence she more than made up for in hope. She kept tabs on this young man, always looking into his social media posts, and every time she would herself to ask if this is what she wanted, if he really was what she wanted.

These were indeed selfish thoughts as he had already moved on to loving other human beings but these beings were not her and that was never fair in her eyes and so without her truly navigating her feelings she leaped. Very far from where she began, she leaped to find a love that got away but did it really?

Did she really love him or did the idea of him make her naïve and oblivious to her very own feelings? Is it possible to be in love in your head and not really in your heart?

Yes, she found him, he was as magnificent to her then as he was to her teen eyes. Gloriously dripped in everything made of dreams, truly a fantasy come to life, but because that’s how everything goes: a “but” sufficed. He was no longer the same, he had grown to be very different from what she thought, he was not the one, in fact she wished he was the one that got away.

She sat there truly baffled at the position she found herself in, he had to go, she was never for him, and at that point she became aware of all the wrong she had done. She allowed herself to be taken by figments of imaginations, she realised then that love will always be complex, no logic involved, her ‘aha’ moment came to her as a broken heart.


Tell us: have you ever fell out of love with someone because they changed?