She said she loved church very much, but that was a lie. She was kind to everyone and she told people about the ‘Word of God’. She also told people that repenting was very important when you have sinned. She was loving and she was also loved, especially by children. She prayed on a radio station, ’Umhlobo Wene FM Eastern Cape’. She prayed in the morning every day.

But what people didn’t know was that she was a witch. They only found this after she died. She had killed too many people in God’s name; she was a hypocrite.

She used to take women and feed her frog from their breasts. Her frog was big. She carried out these evil deeds almost every night and in the mornings she tried to convince people of her virtue, lying to them in order to keep her good image and be loved.

She did this every night and fed her frog on the breasts of women. The frog wanted blood, that’s all. But she killed those women once she was done feeding her frog.

She had scales like a snake, but people did not see; it was invincible. We are not meant to see these things. It is not for our eyes to see but only God’s and a sangoma. We are blinded to these evil things. Any normal person will die if you witness such evil as her.

When this woman died, people found red candles, the head of a cow, and other things that are too scary. Her house was burned. All of the potions she had used on people to persuade them of her innocence were thrown into the river.

She was never caught, but her sins caught up to her and eventually took her life.


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