Unread letter

I left this letter on the table, when you get time please read it.

Never give up on your dreams; keep dreaming about it until you chase it. At the right time, you’re gonna receive what is yours. God is still planning for you. You were born to make it happen. There is a reason for you to be alive.

I see tears in your eyes, please wipe those. You’re not poor but rich. You don’t deserve to cry? No, those tears means a lot. Those are lessons. The situation you’re going through is manageable. Look, I see people giving up on their dreams, I see them not believing in love again, I see blood falling, those broken hearts. God is putting you in such situations or pains so that you can pick yourself up and see the right path. You were born crying, and everybody was smiling; they saw a God given potential in you.

You’re going to receive whatever you want, but at the right time, and you must work for it. Nothing for Mahhala, said a white man. Love is mahhala and air that you’re breathing. As long as you’re still breathing you’ll have more than one million chances to make things happen.

Go get yourself an education. We’re all born with talents. Where is yours? Matter of fact, many black people are suffering because they hide their talents.

Let me get deep into this. We all have that special somebody who drives us crazy. Unfortunately, they don’t see that cause they also have their special somebody who also doesn’t know about them! Love is a verb. Love is life. Your soulmate is that one you don’t like at this time. Why? Because they are fucked up and stupid at this time. Same thing applies. You know what? We all wanna be beautiful or handsome more than we are. Once you get to be that person you always dream to be, that special somebody will approach you even if he/she pushed you away a hundred times.

You need to be what you wanna be so that you will be loved by the people you love. Once you’re able to afford everything by yourself, you will get whoever you love. Go work on yourself and stop rushing things. You’re knocked by life now because we like too many things at the wrong time.

Success is within you. You’re not poor. Good things take time. We compare ourselves to the old successful and lucky to have it people instead of working for our own. They’re gonna tell you that it also took them time to get where they are. We live like we will never die. We gonna die, but saving ourselves to all bad things will get us to success. Let’s not die young and poor.

Our parent’s money is NOT ours. They worked hard for it. So now they are looking at us and trying to lift us to taste success. Let’s not disappoint our parents, who have been through a lot because of us. Nothing will make your parents happier than seeing you successful.

Let us not be confused by the world. Let’s not compare ourselves to celebrities. We are not them. Those people are more successful! You want those shoes of your favourite celebrity? Think about it again! Do you have that kind of money in your pockets or bank account? Is it your parent’s money? Stop it! And stop bragging about it — you don’t have money.

Go work hard, forget about lifestyle until you get close to success. Once you get there then THE WORLD IS YOURS. Whether you want one million dollar shoes, it doesn’t matter as long as IT IS YOUR MONEY. Let us work, stop smelling success but have a taste of it.


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