In this world, there is nothing important than life and we only have one chance to live that life. Even beggars are trying their best to conquer hunger and poverty so that they can live. But it is difficult to survive if evil is around.

In 1995, there was a village called Kalindamakuni, which is in the southern parts of the country of Singini. At this particular time in history, a series of tragic deaths took place in the village. However, the causes of those deaths were unknown.

The king of the village was King Victor. He was feared throughout the village and was a very wise man indeed. When he spoke, everyone listened. No one uttered a single word, nor dared to cough.

Upendo was a well-known doctor from the city. He used to come to the village on the last day, at the end of the month. Upendo’s visits to the village was a rule that the government instated for the people of the village. When people heard that doctor Upendo was in the village, they all stopped what they were doing and would go to the hospital for a check–up, or simply to get some advice from him on how to live a healthier life.
King Victor was very pleased with the services of the doctor. The king always told his people that he would be very happy if everyone in his village had a good heart, like that of the doctor.

In the year of 1996, Doctor Dindi, who also worked in the village, grew jealous of how much the village people loved Doctor Upendo. Doctor Dindi started giving patients the wrong injections and prescribing the wrong medication. Due to people getting the wrong medication, many of them fell ill and faced hardships as some families lost their loved ones.

King Victor told the people that he is sorry for all the deaths and for the loss of family members. He assured the villagers that there is always a solution to each and every problem.

As time passed, people started doubting Doctor Upendo. People were dying at the end of every month at this stage and it was about the same time when Doctor Upendo was providing health services to people.

Rumours were everywhere now, but the wise king knew that something was wrong at the hospital.

Why is it only when Doctor Upendo comes to the village that a death happens? he thought to himself. . The king decided to gather the villagers and indeed came as he wanted. He told the people that he was not only wise, but much smarter than everyone in the village.

“I will piece this puzzle together,” the king assured the people.

It was close to the end of the month of June. The king decided to call all the doctors together the day before Doctor Upendo was supposed to arrive. This time around the people of Kalindamakuni decided not to go to hospital when Doctor Upendo was on duty. This was exactly what King Victor was hoping for. When doctor Upendo arrived, he was surprised to see that there were no patients. He came to the conclusion that the people were mad at him.

Later in the day, a large group of people came to see him. He trembled in fear. But the crowd of people together with the king, wanted to be tested by doctor Upendo.

Everyone received a checkup. Some people were found with malaria and were really frightened. They were given a bed to rest as instructed by the king. King Victor never rested until he got what he wanted.

The King thought for some time. Doctor Dindi must be behind all the deaths because he was the only doctor who didn’t come when all the doctors gathered, he thought to himself.

The King asked Doctor Upendo to take all the patients to his home and then inject them with medicine to neutralise the poison.

Doctor Dindi was met by a surprise when he saw that all the people had gathered outside of his home. King Victor told the multitude that Doctor Dindi was behind everything and that he was really an evil doctor. The King ordered the police to arrest him. Doctor Dindi was sentenced to life in prison.

Indeed, what goes around comes around. It was the CCTV camera that saved the lives of the people. Everyone smiled again and vowed to put their trust in Doctor Upendo.

The king organised a huge gathering to celebrate the arrest of Doctor Dindi and to mourn for the lives that were lost.

“You are only given one life, so live that life the best you can,” said the king in his speech. “Doctor Dindi will pay for each and every crime that he committed at this hospital.”

King Victor left the crowd with one last piece of motivation: that love is the most important thing in this world and everyone should cherish it.


Tell us: What do you think Doctor Dindi did to get fame and recognition?