It was in the morning. Lulu woke up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. After that she brushed her teeth, made up the bed and got dressed. Lulu headed to the kitchen and found an apple and took some juice from the fridge and went outside to write in her diary.

The sun was too hot so she sat under a tree. In her hand she had her diary and a pen in her left hand. She had a bag and on top of the bag was an apple and her juice. She put her headset in her phone and played some music, turned up the volume and she ignored the world.

Lulu then started writing in her diary.

Dear diary

I think I’m falling in love.

Diary! I don’t know what happened, but when I first saw him dammm… I fell in love with him, he was the guy I always wished for. Luckily he fell in love with me too. After two days he asked a friend for my number and I gladly gave his friend my number.

Problem is it’s been two weeks since I gave his friend my number. I haven’t heard from him and deep down I have strong feeling.

Diary! I’m trying to stay calm, but I can’t fight what I feel. I have decided to stay calm and cool and just let things happen.

Diary! I don’t want to rush and I’ll just let things happen. I will continue with my life and whatever will happen, will happen.

Lulu is struggles to stay calm, but what Lulu chose is the best thing because some women force things to happen.

It doesn’t matter where you meet, it’s doesn’t matter who you meet and how you meet. What matters is that you find your true love. Sometimes you must let things happen on its own, don’t force it because in the world of love, love can test how strong our feelings are.


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