Things of this world are decorated visually to amuse you. And the path of today’s youth drills one’s emotions as a parent. My mother always told me that behind the camera shot, dream bigger and aim for the satrs. Memories of stories untold, buried deep down, are impossible to find.

But as I write, emotions open a new page. Who is to open your heart and explore what is inside?

Life was never easy, tears fall as I think of Mama breaking my heart into pieces, filling my heart with stiches. When my father abused alcohol he would act like a bear and accuse my mother of having an affair. Life was just violent and we were never given a chance to happiness.

My mother once shouted that enough was enough. Tears were falling down her face because the road was getting rough. My father never came back again and I knew that day that life would never be the same again.

If I deserve to have happiness, then can anybody out there explain this empty plate I’ve been served? How much is less if more is nothing? How can we get past the hungry ghost that is coming? We struggled with Mama, but with God we got through. They say hell is a place for bad people people, but why was heaven created if I won’t see it?

All my friends I have lost; they smoked themselves into an early grave. Through all the life traumas I went through, I will still chase my career. Even if my success is on a square mile – and at the same time my life is on a deadline – I will still chase. I am a fighter and a winner, I will receive victory, I will receive joy, I am fighting for victory.


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