After Maphindi left I did not call her for a month. I was still thinking about what I had done, not fulfilling what she wanted. She desired me more than what I wanted her. But then after that month, I thought about the love we had, and this brought lovely memories of moments we had spent together.

She used to tell me that if I wanted her to call me I had to send her airtime; that kind of talk made me doubt the love I had for her, but then again I used to tell myself that no love was perfect. I did not send her airtime, even though I missed her. I always thought to myself that she might use the airtime to call her other boyfriends.

But after sometime I had decided to put my trust issues with her aside and call her again to check whether she was still in love with me, or if she had found herself another boyfriend in Cape Town at the University of Cape Town. When I called Maphindi, she had even forgotten my name. I felt very disappointed when she asked who she was talking to on the phone because I had her number saved. I asked myself how she could forget me. I was the one who put the number on her phone and saved my name.

I then decided to ask her whether she still loved me; I was full of doubts, and even if she said she didn’t love me anymore, I expected that. She then hesitated, telling me what I wanted to know, whether she loved me or not. But I did everything to convince her to tell me the truth. I told her that I wouldn’t hurt because I was a playa myself. She finally told me the truth and told me that she didn’t love me. I felt bad; I felt as if I was not good enough. I hated myself, but eventually I got over it in time.


Tell us: What would you do if your significant other told you that they didn’t love you?