Everybody deserves a day to relax and let go. As teenagers, we tend to be more relaxed than we probably should be, as we say we’ll just ‘go with the flow.’ Only a true artist can master the art of laziness and it takes a professional to master all the elements. Laziness is the first step towards efficiency. Sometimes people are not lazy, they are just on their energy saving mode. For example, if a person is sleeping before a race while others are busy exercising, the person is not lazy, he or she is simply conserving energy.

People are not lazy they simply have important goals, but goals that do not inspire them. People like that are highly motivated to do nothing. Deep summer is when people become lazy. I take it that we all know the story of Cinderella: she never asked for a prince, all she asked for was a night off and a dress.

So, take a bit of time off and it may be worth it. And who knows, the quieter you become the more you may be able to hear. Scientifically, when the body is at rest, the neurons that transport information from the brain towards the spine work faster.

A well-known author once said, “laziness is sickness to success.” There may be no excuse for laziness but I’m still looking. Laziness is nothing but a habit of resting before you get tired. Lastly, do not take laziness as an excuse for not reaching your goals. Never let your guard down.

In terms of danger, run like there’s a hot guy in front of you and a creepy one behind you.


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