As we live here on Earth, many people only interact with us because of the material things that we own like expensive gadgets and clothes that our parents bought us, or because they hope to benefit from our kindness and willingness to share some of our movies, songs, and even school notes that they can use for their own satisfaction and benefit. Many times, these people come into our lives without us realizing it. We may even think we are being blessed with a lot of friends and that can put an everlasting smile on our faces. However, we don’t realize that these people are only our friends because we have things that can help them and not because of who we are.

We spend so much of our time visiting with and talking to people every day, whether in person or through social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter. Because of this, we can be blinded by their fake interest in our lives and use it to confirm our original definition of the term ‘friendship.’ We forget that some people are like a parasite or tick and just want to use us for our belongings and that they will abandon us when we lack something that they want. A lot of people swim in our waters only when they are filled with what they desire in their lives.

For example, many people leave us when we stop having movies, songs, or other interesting, entertaining things on our computers or laptops. When our gadgets get broken or stolen by thieves, people often see no value in being a part of our lives, so they abandon us immediately. They leave us without even saying goodbye and start hunting for other people that will be beneficial to them. Sometime, when someone is from a rich family, they find that their ‘friends’ will abandon them once their parents die because they don’t see any reason to stay around without their friend’s parent’s money. This is the time when we start to know and understand the true colours of the people that we call friends or besties.

When we realise that these people only walk into our lives when we are having success and will vanish once we encounter the dark side of life, we will feel very sad. These people that we thought were our friends ignore our phone calls, refuse to text us back, and stop connecting with us on social media when we really need them, and sometimes, they even say bad things about us to others just to make us look bad.

When these things happen to us, we don’t have to feel bad about it even though it is very painful that our well trusted friends forgot all about us just because we lost some of the things that were beneficial to them. All we have to do is to take a nap to reduce the pain that may try to attack us, or listen to our favourite songs that make us happy, or chat with our family members just to invite happiness in our hearts again.

We should not hold any grudges to people who have done wrong things to us and we definitely should hesitate to replay the same actions they did to us to them. We should know that God does not love and forgive those people who hold any grudges on other people. Let us remind ourselves that God forgave our sins through his son Jesus Christ, who died for us on the cross so that we may bear a new, clean, and a pure heart.

In other words, if we willingly forgive those who have wronged us, God feels happy and he forgives our sins. We will attract happiness in our lives and repel stress, hatred, and sadness from our lives.


Tell us: Are you able to forgive someone who has wronged you?