I never thought fantasies could have me awake the whole night. I felt all the evil sounds of the night that got me even scarier. Being a young woman that grew up in a township I always had the stories about how the witches woke up in the midnight hour to do their evil work, yet I was busy fantasizing about my fate that will be determined the next day. In spite of all these sounds I kept fantasizing about my victory, the joy I would bring home.

The morning came and all my bags were ready and packed. As I was preparing to go and bath an email that made my heart sunk came through. The stubborn me thought the mail had an error so I ignored it and continue preparing for my journey to Johannesburg. I was ecstatic not only about the journey but the victory that awaits me in the city of gold.

A few minutes later, a call from my travel mate came through to confirm the email. I was heart-broken, I went through the email again with sadness. It’s true my bus booking has been postponed to the last bus of the day which is at 21:00. I sat at home the whole day in disappointment until late that evening. I refreshed and waved goodbye to my family giving them hope that this is the end of misery.

I arrived at Johannesburg the next day early in the morning and I prepared myself for my victory. I was so determined all along that I was going to win that business pitch. My hopes for starting a business looked more real to me now as I was heading to the pitching venue. I had in all the things I would do to make my business a success and this was my stepping stone to success. I resented poverty.

The reason I had so much fantasies was behind poverty, if only I had money none of these would be happening. As I arrived at the pitching venue the level of confidence in me was so high. I saw myself winning before even pitching.

The moment of truth arrived. The pitchers pitched their business ideas and my time arrived. As I stood up I was shaking, I had a fear that I have never had. Fear or no fear, I continued pitching with my trembling voice. Afterwards the judges asked their questions and I answered bravely. For hours after the pitch we sat waiting for the verdict.

The judges called the top 10 and I was there. I had mixed emotions when I heard my name being called because that meant the competition was becoming tighter. The winners were called out and when they had to call the main prize winner I was ready to stand up and only to find out I did not win.

My heart sunk, I was disappointed in myself. My biggest disappointment was that I only won books, after all the hard work I went through. Two weeks later after the disappointment of a lifetime I started reading my books. I fell in love with them. They guide me in my everyday life and now they help me strive for better days. My success in failure was winning the books that are more than just books but my recipe to success.