If you want to walk out of my life then I will let you walk. If after letting you go people talk, then I will let them talk because they don’t know how I feel. Don’t ask yourself why I didn’t put up a fight because fighting to me seems worthless. I had to think more carefully about my feelings and values.

I don’t think there is a need for me to say goodbye. If I were more important to you, then you would have at least tried to keep me. I don’t hate you because you left me. Hating you will waste my precious time. Maybe there is somebody out there waiting for me, somebody who will be more grateful.

I won’t remind you of all the great things we did together, because all good things come to an end. I just have no time for goodbyes, because goodbyes will only hurt our feelings.

Let me tell you: I am happy for you if you have found someone who is more special than me. At least I once spent some time with you. Cry no more, because I will no longer be there with you. You seem beautiful, but fighting for you would just make me seem like a fool.

I’m happy that at least we once were together. Now that we are no longer together I have to be on my own so that I can think about myself and about what I want. If we were together the road would be much longer.

I just have no time for goodbyes because I now know who you really are. You are the one who can’t be trusted. You are not the person I once thought you were. You are full of surprises, and I need to be careful with my feelings.

I just have no time for goodbyes because goodbyes will only leave tears in our eyes. I just have no time to write you a love letter, but this is my goodbye letter to you.


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