I roll my eyes and within the first minute you look at me, you can tell that I’m bored. I bite my lower lip when I’m with you, you can tell that I crave something. I raise my eyebrows and open my mouth widely to show that I’m surprised.

Never have I thought that using my body would indicate what I wanted to say without having to use my voice.

I blink to show that I want your attention. I wave at you, you wave back, just like that we’ve already said our goodbyes. I see lines on your forehead and you are frowning. I apologise because your body showed that I’ve offended you and you’re apoplectic. I’m shivering, you offer me a blanket. You know why? My body showed you that I was feeling cold.

Oh my, oh my! I feel and respect the power of body language.


Tell us: Do you believe the power of body language?