What is the meaning of love? One can ask herself or himself this kind of a question but the true meaning of love is a strong feeling of affection for someone, indeed it is a wonderful feeling. Last year was a wonderful year for me as I met this gorgeous, beautiful, exquisite and ravishing girl called Zipho Mangamane. She has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in the world. She has a pretty face with a radiant smile.

Her qualities are what stole my heart from a far distance. My heart kept telling me that she’s my soul mate. Little did I know that arguments and temptation would come between us in 2017 and things would change. She was no longer that sweet girl I used to cuddle and huddle with. She started ignoring my calls together with my feelings.

I felt rejected and lost because I never loved someone like her before. The most infernal part about her was that she hid or deleted her messages in her phone so that I could not see them. By doing so, she caused me a lot of agony because I believed in her and trusted her with my life.

I recall this one time I went to her place of residence known as Wonderkop in Marikana without her knowing that I was in her area, I only wanted to see her beautiful smile because seeing her smiling kept me alive and healthy. I was ecstatic to be part of her life, but I never found the courage to reveal what I was before I met her.

The things that she didn’t know about me is that before I met her, I was a Casanova, a lady’s man, a promiscuous guy who loved changing girls frequently. But because of her presence in my life and the love that she gave me, even though sometimes it wasn’t good enough, I changed and became a better man.

Her presence really changed me and made me become a better person. I now see the world with a positive view and I thank God for sending me the beautiful angel known as Zipho Mangamane. May the Lord give her more blessings and brighten her world of joy. I will forever treasure her.