Life is so unpredictable. As we live in the universe where anything can happen to anyone at anytime and anywhere. We do things hoping to achieve our goals. We all have wishes and dreams but we can’t make them come true just like that. We have to go through difficult life stages to make them come true. As we go through these stages, we face many challenges that even make us lose hope. We cry, we hate. You know why? Because we’re trying so hard to make our dreams and wishes come true, but somehow we still fail.

One day as I was walking to school I spoke to myself, asking, why can’t we all have the life we wish to have? The answer I came up with was because my time hasn’t arrived yet, God is still busy with others.

As the day went by at school, my friend found R50 just lying there waiting to be found. I had no money for lunch and she had lunch plus that R50. I told myself that God has his favourite people. Can’t He realise that I have no lunch money, why didn’t God give it to me at least, I asked myself. I hated my friend because she had found that money instead of me; it should have been me. I was crying inside and no one could hear. I was feeling so much pain.

As I went home after school I met this old lady, she told me, “Never have hate in your heart for something that’s not yours.”

I felt those words sinking inside my mind and heart.

I said to myself, “You grow up and learn to accept what’s not yours, will never be yours, if you weren’t given it.”

I thought I was okay, but I wasn’t. We can’t control our hearts when they want what they want.

When I got home I got a message saying that my grandfather was in hospital. I sat down and asked out loud, “Why though Father God, why is all this happening to me?”

God was still planning though, but it only happened after a decade.

In the years that passed I was still asking myself the same question, “Why is this happening to me?” but there was no answer, I started losing faith in God, even hope. Thinking he was no “miracle worker”, no “promise keeper”.

As time went by, I started believing that there was no such thing as “good things come to those who wait”.

People around the world do horrible things not just because they like to, but because the situations they face force them to do bad things.

Life doesn’t choose who to treat well or badly, but it’s something that happens to everyone; whether you’re rich, poor, healthy or unhealthy.

It’s something you could never run away from, because it’s everywhere, all around the universe.

Life comes with different options, but we end up choosing the wrong options, because we are under pressure.

Life can be so unfair to everyone.

So don’t think because things are perfect on your side that it will be that way forever. Yes they may be good for you for decades but trust me, it won’t be that way forever, unless your almighty Lord decides to take you while you are still living that lavish life.

Life is something with no exact definition, some define it as a good thing, some as a bad, some as a horrible and some as a perfect.

You have your own definition; I have my own definition. Everyone has their own definition.

Nobody can argue with you about the way you define your life, because they don’t know how you see life and how life treats you. Yes of course, you may look good on the outside, but on the inside things are bad. You know why people do that? Because they’re trying so hard to hide their disgraces.

This is my message to everyone out there, that life can make you miserable, it can make you happy, but don’t forget that it won’t last forever.


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