How naive can one be sometimes? I feel stupid and foolish for still thinking about him and longing for his love every day. No, that was not love (sigh). If you only knew how my life is filled with sorrow. Where exactly does one even start? Eish!

My life journey is hard, filled with sadness that you notice from sight. My first love was love at first sight and I decided then that he was the only one for me. He approached me and I said yes without thinking twice because my mind was made up the moment I laid eyes on him. We didn’t waste time. We got to know each other and decided right then what we wanted.

We had our first kiss followed by more until he wanted me to prove to him how much I loved him and I must say, I didn’t regret anything in the moment because I did love him. I took the route he chose for me not noticing that he was disrespecting me. He made me a fool and it was then that I realised that he never loved me, it was just lust.

He promised me the world, the moon and the stars; I was madly in love. Please bear with me I didn’t know what the reality was, I was in my own fantasy world.

I could have said no, but I was blinded by love. So we had sex and ruined the friendship we shared; I wish I had said no. He did it with me while also doing it with another, not just any other but my best friend.

I never knew he could stray. That was until he crawled in bed with my best friend, the very same bed where he brutally took my innocence.

One day I’m sure I will understand the true meaning of love but the wound you’ve dug in my heart is still remarkable. Don’t worry you are already forgiven. For my tears will dry up and my smile will be like the shape of a banana. The pain you’ve caused me will never be compared with the joy coming my way.