I am a proud isiXhosa-speaking person. My language defines who I am. Other people find my language difficult but I find my language easy and clear. My grandmother once said to me, ‘Inkqayi ingena ngentlontlo’, meaning ‘something can look small but in the end it’s going to be big’.

I remember the time I stayed with my mother and father, I only knew how to speak isiZulu. Then I came to Cape Town. When I arrived here many people were talking isiXhosa and when I talked they would laugh at me. At that time life was not easy for me. People made fun of me, not knowing that I didn’t come to Cape Town by choice but because my father had passed away. When I was doing Grade 1 they would laugh at me because they called the teacher ‘titshala’ while I was saying ‘utisha’. Through all of this I ended up knowing isiXhosa.


This piece of writing was created as part of the WritingMe Writing Clubs with Sophumelela High School, Western Cape. Find out more here.