It was around four o’clock in the afternoon. The herders were bringing the beasts home and the dogs were barking senselessly across the village. That is the everyday life process in Ganalaagte, a village deep in North-West.

Katlego pulled over her Toyota Vitz into her home’s driveway. Surprised she saw Orapeleng, her husband’s best friend’s car parked in their yard.

She did not make much of it and walked in her house. Since it’s her home she saw no need of knocking she just barged in. From the sitting room she could hear muffled moans coming from the master bedroom. She went to investigate.

When she got there she saw her husband Masego on top of Orapeleng, sweating. Damn, they were doing the deed.

When she tried to scream, her strength failed her. She ended up passing out there and then. After what seemed to be eternity she woke up in a hospital in Delareyville.

The nurse uttered charismatically, “Ooh! Madam you are awake.”

Katlego asked in a deep and sleepy voice, “How long have I been out?”

“It’s been five days,” the nurse responded.

“Goodness me! Who checked me in?”

“A tall man with a German cut – a little dark in colour and broad shouldered,” was the response.

This matched Masego’s description.

“He left you this letter,” the nurse said handing her a sealed envelope.

Katlego grabbed it and tore it open to access the contents. She could not bear the anticipation.

“Dear Kat,
It’s a pity we had to come to this. When I was a lad I discovered that I preferred men to women. One day I acted on this and invited an all-out gay man over. The chemistry was so intense that we ended up kissing. To our misfortune my father walked in on us. He beat me up and then he assembled the council men of our village. They said I had to go to an African initiation school where I would supposedly regain my manhood…
The poor guy who was kissing me was kidnapped. They sliced off his testes off with a hot knife. After I came back from the bush, my father told me everything and said that if I dare him he would do the same to me. I had nowhere to hide and so I followed his will. For eight years from then I have had to live a lie. But when dad died last year the threat was no more. Sorry for wasting three good years of your life…
I have left you R300 000,00 to make up it. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.
Yours Ex-husband”

Katlego screamed, “Coward!!!” and then burst into tears.

Had Masego’s father let it be, she – a beautiful woman – would not be in this state.

So parents, let it be. As the Tswana’s say “Name ya kgapeletsa e thuba pitsa” – So be it that we allow our young to follow their hearts.


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