The gift that is my life, that I can’t sleep without, is my towel. This gift I was given by my Granny when I was 5 years old. It was 04/08/2009 when Granny decided to reward me. Funny thing is there were lots of presents, including toys and cakes, but with all of that I took the towel to sleep on the couch with it. I remember that when it was the time for me to go bed, my mother took it away. I cried a lot and she decided to bring it back.

Since that day I can’t sleep without my towel and don’t want anyone touching it and washing it. I like the smell of it when I sleep. I put it near my nose so that I can smell it and fall asleep.

When I was 10 years old my father tried to replace the towel and bought a new one. He said he didn’t like the colour and it was old. They hid the old one that day and I could not sleep the whole night, searching for it. I was still crying at midnight and my sister brought the love of my life. I fell asleep.

Now this year I’m turning 14. Still, I’m with my love because I’m addicted to my towel. I’m not visiting any relatives because I don’t want to leave the towel. I will never forget my precious Granny because the gift she presented me with bonds us forever with love that will never end.