Lean on the left side, lean on the right side. Lay your head onto my lap once your time is up. I’m going have to push away so you can lean on someone else.

Throughout my life I was never the type to depend on other people. I’ve been stranded a lot but things changed as I grew older. I got to grow up mentally and believed that I couldn’t keep depending on other people to be my shoulder. Sometimes, people are going to be there and sometimes they won’t. That means that I’ve got only got myself to lean on and that taught me a lot.

I got to meet a lot of different types of people on earth: the type that can’t live without people cos they are too dependent on them. You’ll get people that need others but don’t get them, and you’ll get others that don’t need others to survive and they are just perfectly fine.

I know it’s hard to sit down and think whether something is right or wrong, or what to even do about it. But it’s always best and it really helps to be your own shoulder to lean on so you can grow up as well and build yourself up.


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