Monday the 11th, the summer sun was blazingly hot. Speaking of hot, an average looking guy walked in where I was sitting. Honestly, I did not know him. It looked like he went to the gym, his muscles hey.

A huge turnoff was that he attended Dimani, which meant that Nik-nak might’ve knew him. He walked slowly, looking down at his phone as if he was reading something interesting. He sat close to us girls. Finally, he spoke. At first, my idea was to avoid him. But then, my mouth started talking, words flew out like water from a tap. Great! We’re in the same group. He spoke too much but he was still interesting.

As days went by, I was drawn closer to him, and I felt more relaxed around him. He was honest and said anything that came to his mind. I got a chance to ask him a few questions that I’d always wanted to ask. To my surprise, he found me interesting until she came – my heartbreaker. I became very angry, I nearly killed both of them.

Why was I jealous? It’s not like the guy was my brother. His name was Ankonisaho but he preferred to be called Konie. And the way he laughed, I could listen to him all day. In just six days, we became so close that you’d think we had known each other for years.

I plan to know him more, and together we can guide each other and walk this journey of life. A stranger, my new best friend.


Tell us: Would you make a stranger your best friend?