Being unsure about yourself makes you want to fit in or please other people. That results in nothing but regret. We should learn from our mistakes and insist on growing up, changing and becoming better people.

When I was a teenager, I knew some things about myself such as what I was into and where I wanted to be. When I was 16 years old, I had people whom I got along with and I thought they were friends. As time went on, they didn’t want to hang out with me any longer. All of a sudden, those people turned to be against me; they wanted to prove points about me. Because I wanted to please them, I would end up being what they wanted me to be.

I always had one person with whom I shared a lot of things, especially my troubles. But one thing that I noticed was that I needed to grow up, teach myself things and know what I wanted, and who I wanted to be, rather than pleasing other people.

When I reached the age of 17 I went out with someone whom I had fling with, knowing very well that he wanted to prove a point about me. I sneaked out one night and started walking with him. I felt it was dangerous but I trusted that nothing would happen to me. I kissed him knowing it was wrong.

The house was packed when I got back home. I was questioned about what I did. The reason why I did it was because I felt pressured into proving a point. If I knew myself more, I would have never done anything like that.

I really regret even ever knowing the guy. I wish I had thought about it carefully instead of sacrificing my dignity for another person. I would have never experienced any of those things if I hadn’t tried to make them happy. Those little mistakes don’t define me cos they’re not who I am. I’m able to define them and give reasons for them but they can’t ease what I did. I really regret that night. I wouldn’t expect anybody to do what I did cos it’s just wrong.

If you ever feel like pleasing people, don’t let it get to you – it’s really not worth it. Nobody deserves that much of you. That night changed me a lot and I really advise other people to never do it for anybody, or because of anybody. There is nothing more painful than living in regret.

I’m 19 years old and I don’t let it define me but I just simply move on, forgive myself and grow up from my actions. Living in peace and safety is all you need, rather than being mocked. I hope you guys learn from my mistakes.

What could the main character have done for things to turn out differently?