Just because you are from a poor background, that does not mean that God cannot bless you with a good life. God always has something for you, as long as you keep on having faith in him, praying to him, and asking him each and everything that you seek for in life, because he is the God that gives and no one can give you what you need in your life except God himself. Even a man or a woman cannot give you everything that you need in life rather than God himself only.

If you believe and put all your trust in God, he is going to bless you with everything that you need in your life. As you live here on earth, never listen to the bad things that a lot of people may/might say or do say about you, for you are destined for greatness. Those people who don’t see themselves as people who deserve a better life and are suffering would also want you to be like them and not to succeed in your life. Just put everything else in God’s hands and keep on working hard and never focus on people’s opinions about you, for you are destined for the great things in your life.

The type of the background where you belong in your society does not determine your journey in your life but the steps that you take in life, do determine your journey. So stop focusing on your background to define your success but rather on the goals that you set in your life because the goals that you have aligned in your life are more valuable than your background. Know that there are a lot of people out there who are from poor backgrounds but since they didn’t care about where they come from and they leaned on their planned goals in life, by working hard and putting everything in God’s hands than their background. They are now enjoying their lives in a jacuzzi of their goals.

On the other hand, there are also people who are from well to off families but since they didn’t work hard towards any goal(s) in their lives and didn’t ask God to give them what they needed in their lives, they are now suffering. Always bear a hardworking spirit and put everything else in God’s hands regardless of your background.