Sometimes, when you are too quiet and don’t even like having fancy things, that’s when people treat you like you are nothing, like whatever you can say, is always pointless and cannot bear anything useful to their ears.

They start seeing you as if you are all covered with a skeleton, but remember, never stop being you and never stop doing what you think it is good for you.

Those people who behave with such negative attitudes towards you, are not the ones who made you. Those people who are always underrating you because of the type of clothes you wear and the type of lifestyle you chose to live are nothing in your life but only God.

God is the one who is always happy with you. God is always on your shoulders at each and every time and he never hesitates to abandon your life as people often do in your life. God doesn’t care about the lifestyle that you chose to be living in your life and even the type of clothes that you wear.

Just stick to what you value in your life and never lean on other people’s shoulders. Your life is not their life. Other people only just choose to underrate your life because they don’t even know the reason behind the choices you make in your life. They don’t even know what is in your shoes. They are the type of people who don’t even know what being in your shoes is all about. Just be yourself and keep on trusting God because he is always with you.