Imagine attending anger management classes and after your recovery you try to move into a relationship but nobody wants to be with you because they believe you are still violent. You can also imagine sending your CV for employment but as they run tests, they find drugs in your blood and the last time you had any drug was 10 years ago. Maybe you were once imprisoned but it is still hard for you to converse with certain people because they tend to turn their backs on you and leave because they still cling to the past. Are people placing old tags unto you? That could be the past following you into the future.

One thing people forget is that the past always catches up with you in the future. Have you ever seen a truck? Well a truck can only be led astray by the load it has on its back. The load won’t lead the truck astray if it’s just moving forward but once it tries to take a turn that’s where the problem starts. Maybe you tried to turn things around but they just get messed up and cause problems for your current journey. The problem could be the fact that you have never let go of your past and now it is catching up.

There are three steps one could use to let go of the past in preparation for the future. The first thing is to accept the past, accept that you were once at a certain place. Denial will only lead to you to repeating past mistakes. Talk about it and use it either as a motivation or a warning. The second step is to have a conversation with the past. Let it know that you are done with it. Conversation should be accompanied by action. Take action as a goodbye to your past. After that, move on. If you were once doing drugs never lie about it, speak about it, motivate some other people and take action by seeing a doctor to clean your blood and then move on.

If you were violent, after attending your anger management classes, involve yourself in certain activities. It could be a motivational speaking, sports or anything. Even if your anger comes back, it would find you already moved on. The first step is to accept, the second is to take action and the third it is to move on. Move on no matter the kind of things you have faced in life. My own self written quote that inspires me says, “The biggest mistake is not committing a mistake but the biggest mistake is allowing the mistake to stop you from being in motion,”


Tell us: What steps have you taken in accepting your past?