We are all human beings but our stories will always differ. The reality of humanity is to keep going and never stop until old age. To live life and be appreciative that we are living and breathing. To create and work hard always trying to survive to live. Sometimes our past is our enemy.

Growing up I would wonder why we were so different not only by our skin colour but also how some of us take things for granted. How hard we work and never be thankful because our past is our enemy. I would ask myself why would people drown themselves into drugs and in my eyes I just saw that as a weakness in them, like why would you give up in life so easily? You’ll be amazed by their stories when they tell you, only then you will know that they are drowning their sorrows away. We have a tendency of being very judgemental because normally we see the problem in others but not in ourselves.

We judge by just looking at someone without even knowing their name, or where they come from. So normally, we do this to fill a void inside us. There is a place that needs to be fulfilled deep inside us. We see weakness in other people but not in ourselves.

Everyone has their own luggage and God knows what is inside it. We lived so there should be a story behind to tell, right? It’s impossible to live and have a no past.

The truth is some stories can’t be told because they might not be as sweet. Some stories are left where they belong; they are not meant to be remembered or be talked about. That’s the reality of human being. We live life differently obviously our stories will always differ. Failing, falling and crying are all part of the journey. That’s how I think the past should look like and ‘ooh’ laughter and happiness.

The stories behind belong in the tongue and in the memories. I can’t know your story until you have told me. So no one can know your story by just looking at you. We often get stuck in the past and that’s why we don’t move forward.

We die inside silently and replace pain with drugs hoping our past would just vanish. But there will always be problems until we face our demons today. As they say our future starts today.

My ‘aha’ moments are lessons to me that I get when we look at others and judge without trying to understand where they come from. We carry stories wherever we go; they will always be there because we learn from our stories either good or bad. They all teach us something about life.

Stories can teach us or break us. I had to learn to respect others and not look down on them because that did not make me better or more perfect than them. We might think that our stories are worse until you hear other stories and realise there are far worse stories out there but people still go on and live their lives regardless. So there’s no one who can say they have no story to tell. It applies to all of us. It is the nature of life.


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