You may have heard the phrase in fairy tales or romantic movies, “And they lived happily ever after.” Let me tell you one thing: Real Love Does Not Exist.

There was once a girl called Amanda. She was beautiful, intelligent, shy but very cheerful. And, she was voluptuous. The only problem was, she was head over heels in love with a guy called Xolani, who was also known as “X”. He went to the same school as Amanda. Xolani was the most popular guy at school for his looks, his love of sport and for his love of the girls.

Amanda never told anyone how she felt about Xolani and she never cared about what other students had to say about him. They would say things like, “You know Xolani – he’s got the looks and all that but, hey, he’s a troublemaker and a heartbreaker.”

She would just giggle at this and shake the words from her head. In fact, it just made her love for Xolani grow stronger and stronger.

Xolani never noticed Amanda, no matter how hard she tried to express herself to him, until one day…

As they were busy rotating between classes, they bumped into one another. Amanda dropped her books and Xolani helped to pick them up. As they were both picking up the books – only one was left on the floor and they both stooped to pick it up simultaneously. Neither let go of the book. They gazed into each other’s eye and there was a chemistry between them that neither could explain. Eventually Xolani let go of the book and they parted ways.

Amanda never stopped thinking about what had happened. She was determined to tell Xolani how she felt. Once again, the problem was that she didn’t know where to start because she had never spoken to him before. She was also scared – it was rare for a girl to declare her love for a boy.

On the other hand, Xolani never stopped talking to all his friends about this girl he had met. He then decided to tell the girl – little and lovely Amanda – how he felt. She accepted Xolani as her boyfriend.

After a while, Xolani started nagging Amanda to have sex with him. But she wasn’t comfortable with this. But, as she was scared of losing him – she was so besotted with this guy – she finally agreed.

But, after they had sex, Xolani told Amanda get dressed and go away. Once she’d left, she realised that he hadn’t said “I love you”…

It turns out that Xolani was never interested in Amanda. He only wanted to sleep with her and then to be rid of her. Amanda was devastated and she gave up on her life.

All in all, real love does not exist.


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