Brendan was a boy who lived in Soweto, Pimville Zone 3. Brendan was a rapper and he was popularly known for his political mentality. Most of the people from his environment hated him because he was different from them and took advantage of his kindness.

He was a 15-year-old boy that was ambitious and had bigger dreams in life. His confidence was like electricity, used but never ending. And he also had a gift of transcending any negative vibes he got from other people from his hood. The thing that made his power undefeatable was that he never outshined the master.

One day on his way home afterschool, as he was passing by the park, he saw a cypher session and confidently joined the rappers on their freestyles. He was the youngest at the cypher and as he was rapping, all the other rappers felt inspired and were highly intrigued. Some of them even got jealous of him. His words were like of a person that activated his brain IQ to 90% brain capacity.

People felt surprised and the crowd was enlarging each and every time they shouted his rap name. His flows were very deep and could wake the audience to be drawn in by his diction. By then he knew that his rap indeed arouses emotions in the people, as their facial expressions looked as if his lyrics had conjured up magic.

Some of the people started recording videos and uploaded them to the media and they went viral within a split second. They saw potential in the boy and liked the way he spoke or recited – about his environment, the system or government, religion and all the things that had to do with controlling many people’s lives in South Africa.

After the recitation of his creative criticism, a person in the circle asked, “Rap 3hriller, what inspired you to rap about these kind of things?”

Then he answered, “The everyday scenes of reality we all get caught up in are nothing but a powerful mental enslaving play that was written in the book of having to colonise black people’s lives.”

To Brendan, the world was a village and he was its king. After then he was the saga of the people with his maverick brand archetype. He was a young teacher that adults could not underestimate. His message to the people was: Do not be ignorant and face reality with great focus.


My story is about the power of creativity in a way that young people can express their intelligence to the ignorant adults. It is for young people who live in a not promising environment as they want to enlighten people through creativity.