We all know what a love letter is. A love letter is a romantic way to express feelings of love in written form. There was a forty-year-old lady who just hit menopause. She was a ravishing brunette with a stocky body. She had blue almond shaped eyes. She went by the name Videl Elsworth. She lived in a mansion that is fit for a queen like her. She was a classy and venerated woman who had maids and butlers who called her Madame Elsworth or Lady Videl.
She just got out of thirty years of marriage to a man she thought only death would do them apart. What happened was infidelity and adultery committed by the man she loved that did them apart. She was married to a once a good man by the name Seth Elsworth.

She went into her old stuff in a big box filled with her marriage certificate, antique earrings; more like a memento of what she and now estranged former husband of hers shared.
She found a piece of paper. It was a love letter.

It was a love letter that was written by Seth. She kept it for years. Seth wrote it long ago when they were young high school students. He was a shy geek and she was a queen bee who was a cheerleader. He wrote it trying his luck. He was nervous, preparing for rejection. She did not reject him.

She fell in love with him because of his good personality. He was a good guy who was not sex-crazed like guys she had dated. She had dated so many narcissistic jerks who turned out to be heartbreakers at the end of the day.
I guess it’s true when they say in order to find a prince you have to kiss so many frogs.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. She must have loved this Seth guy. She said to herself, “Videl it’s time to let go.”
She then took a lighter and burnt the love letter.

Long ago it symbolised love that was unbreakable and now it symbolises a demise of a relationship and pain. She watched it burn slowly into ashes. Whatever was written in that letter used to be good-hearted melting words, now it was just heart piercing and meaningless words.

A love letter in flames and it was just a gloomy ending. Love letters are supposed to make us blush not make us cry with agony that rips us into shreds.


Tell us: Have you ever written a love letter? What did it say?