I define xenophobia as an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners. Others may define xenophobia as an excessive or irrational fear of anything foreign.

Xenophobic people swear, attack, hate and even kill foreigners. Which is why xenophobic attacks are still a burning issue in South Africa.
There’s a saying that chickens get worried when visitors come to their homes because they are wondering who will be slaughtered next. The same applies to the different towns and townships where foreigners are in different streets and shops. They are also wondering who will be the next victim of xenophobia.
As far as I’m concerned, these people are harmless. Have we as South Africans lost Ubuntu? We are all human. We have the same blood, we all have the same rights and we all have the same need for basic survival.

Why are we so unfair and unjust to foreigners? Let’s stop xenophobia, let’s stop discrimination.


Tell us: What can South Africans do to fight xenophobia and protect foreigners?