Rain brings joy to lonely broken hearts and souls; it brings peace and happiness to oneโ€™s soul.

Hear the dripping of the raindrops. Every human, all seated in their homes, watching television or family bonding time, no child or man on the street.

Listen to the silence of the earth and hear the raindrops. No matter how furious you are, the smell of mud, concrete, gravel and the cool wind after a hot day eases the anger in your soul and brings peacefulness.

Hear the birds chirping preparing for bed, their adorable voices ease the agony, hopelessness and rage from deep within you.

Hear the trees gently sway across the horizon, the sound of the cars on the wet road, lights on like Christmas Eve. The night ends while itโ€™s still young. The peace and joy of sleeping during the rain is like when a baby is asleep. Rain is a blessing to me, it washes away all my pain and sorrow and makes me whiter than snow.


Tell us: Do you enjoy the rain? Why?