A long time ago, there was a family of three, a mom, a dad and a daughter. This family was very rich. They had big fields, herd of cattle, flock of sheep and chickens.

One day their village was without water. The water in the tank was never an option, because most of the people in the village were farmers.

The rivers became dry. This was very painful, especially for Siyo’s family, that was the name of the daughter. Her father went to seek water. He went to the hills, climbing the mountain but found nothing.

He kept on looking until one day he found a hole with clean pure water. He took the buckets and filled them with water.

When he was filling the last bucket, a big snake came out. The snake asked him why he stole it’s water. Siyo’s father apologised to the snake. The snake was very angry, it kept on asking if him to give the water back.

Siyo’s father started to offer his fields to the snake but it refused. He pledged his cattle, sheep and wife but the snake refused. Siyo’s father sat down and cried bitterly.

He then said to the snake, “What I have left is my teeth.” (Since Siyo was his first and last child).

The snake replied, “You can have the water. I will have Siyo…”


Tell us: what would you do if you were in Siyo’s father?