All I did was see. The colour of your skin, its brightness and that cute smile of yours, kept my mind in a love trap. By your actions, I thought you are also cute deep inside. People told me and gave me warnings about you and how you treated people. But in my eyes you acted just fine.

Love for us was supposed to never end. Just because I lacked luck, I lost you. You attracted most by your innocent look. Your actions could have also fooled a pastor. You acted like a God-sent angel of love.

Those who thought I lost you can come for you now. Because they will suffer the sufferings that I was suffering. Love does cost a thing, it costs pride. I was so proud of you, now I’m proud of the lessons you taught me. If you were God you would have understanding of this love.

If I was blind there was gonna be no me and you. Because I wouldn’t have seen what I have seen. The great you, has failed me.