Dear God
I write this letter today to tell You I believe and trust in You. I write to thank You for all the blessings and greatness I have achieved over the years. I will always give You and only You all the praise, glory and all the honour You so greatly deserve.

I would like to apologise deeply, sincerely and truly for all the wrong I have done.
Please forgive me for judging misleading, lying, stealing, doubting, crying, complaining, hating, being angry, not loving, not forgiving, not moving on, wishing for what is not mine, lusting and being impatient.
Forgive me Lord for all my sins and thank You for all the chances you have given me over and over again.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask You to please receive and accept me again as Your child. Save me Lord and grow me spiritually to please You and only You. Anoint me Father with the power and ability to praise and worship You. Help me find peace and joy within my spirit, heart and soul. Clean me with Your Son’s precious blood. Help me lead a happy and successful life filled with faith and repentance.
Remove this dark cloud hanging over my life that has surrounded me for all the years I have lived. My Saviour please save my life…


Tell us: Have you ever written letters to God?