Years have gone and its 2044 where the world has completely changed and has had its major ups and downs. Most things have improved such as television; it now has its own internet built in. Robots are brought to life and have been enabled to work as doctors, police officers, scientist etc. Some houses can also shapeshift, cars can self-drive and plants can be grown by using smartphones and oceans can be frozen. Although global warming and poverty have improved and decreased by 60.3%, discrimination and stereotypes just can’t seem to change. It is now very worse.

This time it’s not about whites being better than blacks or men being better than women, it is about people discriminating against other people’s choice of religion. People preferred Christians and people really wouldn’t get along. Job positions were given to those who were mostly Christian and they believed that Christians were the ones worshiping God and other religions weren’t.

This had become an official law which was voted for by the Americans and introduced by the Russians. Many people thought it was unfair but this law kept passing to other countries and it finally came to Africa and reached South Africa. When it came to South Africa, the citizens tried to resist to the law but they were threatened by the government that they would be assassinated.

One day came a very young, brave woman whose name was Phumelele Dlangamandla. She was a black, beautiful South African woman who was at the age of 25. She had just graduated from varsity and got a degree in Marketing but she wanted to be a Financial Advisor and was currently on a job hunt.

She lived in South Africa, Pretoria and was born in KwaZulu Natal, Richards Bay. She was raised by her grandparents with her older brother, since her parents passed away in 2016 in a car accident at a very young age. Now Phumelele was a religious, spiritual and ambitious young lady.

So she did go to look for a job and was called for an interview. Phumelele was so excited about the interview and couldn’t stop thinking about because she was a little nervous. She went for the interview and she was firstly asked this question: Ms Dlangamandla what religion do you believe in?

She answered and said, “I am a traditional person who believes in her culture and is proud of it and I sometimes read the Bible.”

After this one question they took her CV and told her she will be contacted after a month or so to be notified if she got the job or not.

After a month she was finally contacted and told that she didn’t get the job because she was not a Christian. She adored her culture but she wasn’t disappointed because she knew that this might happen. She didn’t give up and she kept looking for more available posts for Financial Advisors. She kept being denied the position only because she was not religious.

Then she started losing hope and feeling useless. She then decided that it was time to report this to the government just to raise her thoughts and to get help with her situation. But the government threatened to assassinate her if she didn’t stop resisting this current law. So she decided to write about her situation on social media about how the government treated her. When people saw her post they started commenting and fully supported her. But someone saw it and reported her to the government and the government planned to assassinate her. Phumelele escaped and went into hiding.

But there was someone who saw Phumelele’s post and started communicating with her over the internet. The guy’s name was Mbongeni Xaba, also from KwaZulu Natal in Durban. He was a very brave, young and handsome man who had a fearless heart and would do anything to get whatever he wanted. So when he started communicating with her they learned they had things in common and decided to collaborate and resist the new law.

After weeks of communicating, Phumelele and Mbongeni finally met. The first time they laid their eyes on each other they knew they were both attracted to each other. But they kept it inside themselves. Mbongeni had some friends living overseas and he decided to go there with Phumelele, since they were both hunted by the government. But the government realised that they left the country and they started looking for them internationally. There were billboards all over the world with their pictures.

When they left the country they decided to start their own movement for the Discrimination Against non-Christians. Many people started joining it and it expanded to other countries. But they did it secretly so that other countries didn’t recognise them.

After several months of expanding the movement worldwide, people started resisting the new law and decided it was time to end all of this. They went in groups to the United States since they were the ones who approved on the law. They went to protest and the US government started to shoot them and about 10% of the people who were there died.

But Mbongeni and Phumelele were still the main targets because they were the founders of the resisting movement. They were also there to protest against the US government headquarters. After 2 or more weeks the US government finally came to an agreement with people that non-Christians will be treated equally to Christians. People became happy and started being one nation with other countries and the world was finally at peace.

Mbongeni and Phumelele were rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize by the US Minister because the world was at peace because of them.

Unfortunately tragedy happened to Phumelele’s family, her grandparents had a heart attack caused by health issues and later passed away. Phumelele took Mbongeni with her and went back home to bury her grandparents and to introduce Mbongeni to her brother as his partner.

Later Phumelele got her dream job as a Financial Advisor and Mbongeni won the lottery and studied law. The couple got engaged and got married after a year. They were soon blessed with wonderful twins and they lived happily ever after.