We all seek a better course, but we can’t find it by filling the oceans with endless tears, sorrows and regrets; unbearable memories caused by our very own hands. They used to say the future is in our hands, but those very hands are the cause of destruction when a senseless mind without conscience manipulates and gives those hands meaningless actions that will only cause pain.

It’s hard to believe that we sometimes lack important knowledge. Yeah, of course, it may be super fun to destroy something, but one thing you should keep in mind is that it takes less than a day to destroy something, but it takes years to rebuild something. There’ll come a time when you’ll truly need that thing you destroyed, only to find out that it’s still halfway done recovering from the wounds you’ve left on it, or maybe far from complete recovery because you destroyed it.

That’s when you’ll realise that it was more important than you originally thought, so don’t let ego and selfish acts put you on the train you don’t belong on. In the end you’ll be the one who’s suffering, but those who came up with those misleading ideals will be the ones enjoying themselves. They were using you to get what they wanted and you just destroyed the last thing you had, the last thing you were benefiting from.

Of course, it will be a great time for a while since you got whatever you got free of charge. You’ll feel like a special person, but after a while those certain things will start to give you problems or just die, or their important purpose will wear off. Those good times will fade away, and the top dogs will be sitting up there enjoying the show while you’re suffering without assistance or help from anyone or anywhere.

You have to have a consciousness, know what’s right and wrong, and know where you benefit and where you don’t.


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