Hey, I hope Iโ€™m not disturbing, but I just wanted to check up on you. In fact, I would lie if I’d say I don’t miss you.

You know Nomzamo, itโ€™s funny how you always pop in my mind. Every memory we shared together clicked in my mind, played like a video clip of every scene. I felt everything whenever I closed my eyes. Your scent, your warm breath. I don’t know if I’m insane or obsessed or maybe feeling depressed, but still itโ€™s fine because it all ends up as a good feeling at the end of the day, by just looking at your pictures and how happy you are.

I wish I could have done more, Nomzamo. Anyway, enough about that. Please know that you will always be a phenomenal woman to me and no woman will ever take away my feelings for you in my heart.
I miss you.


Tell us: Have you ever felt a love like this?