Vusi escaped the prison 25 years later. The man was now 55 years old. Vusi escaped from prison because he wanted to see his family after a long time of being in prison. He escaped during a religious session using the truck that delivered food. He hid under the truck, then in the filling station he ran as fast as he could. He didn’t even know where he was but he kept on running. He reached a farm and he went to a nearby rondavel.

The unfamiliar face amazed the people on the farm. He entered and greeted. Everybody greeted back but a random voice asked a question, “Why are you wearing prison clothes?”

“I was going to a concert for my son so…” Vusi lied. He didn’t finish his words because he started crying.

“Don’t worry! You’ll live with us until we help you find your family,” said a woman, who was holding a newborn baby.

“I would like to ask where I am?” asked Vusi.

“You’re in Cape Town!” responded the woman with baby.

Vusi was surprised! All the time he was in Cape Town. He was amazed that the province he lived in had changed after many years in prison. The people welcomed him with warm hearts. They offered him food and he had a peaceful sleep in a warm rondavel.

The next day Vusi woke up, went outside, and introduced himself to the people. They gave him overalls for milking the cows. He helped the elders with ploughing. Later that day he told the children stories about prison and assisted the women in peeling the vegetables for dinner.

The next day Vusi decided to take a walk in the overalls to find his house, now that he had got his bearings. He walked. The walk didn’t take long. He saw a familiar house down the road. He went to the house. While he opened the gate, his heart was beating fast, hoping he was in the right house. He knocked on the door and his wife Busi opened the door.

“Sir, how can I help you? You can see my garden is OK. I don’t have a job for you right now.”

“Busi, you see me with overalls. I’m not here to do the garden, can’t you see me? I’m your husband.”

A male voice inside the house was calling Busi, “Come see this part of this movie!”

“Vusi! Where were you? Don’t call me your wife. Leave me alone. I’ve moved on!”

Busi closed the door. The volume of the movie increased while Vusi knocked again.

“Busi, who’s that? Open the door! I’m here to explain! Baby! Baby!”

Busi did not open the door.

“Baby, I was kidnapped!” Vusi lied, hoping Busi would open the door. “OK, I’m leaving.” He walked away.

“I will kill her and this husband. How could she be with another man while I’m still alive? I want my house back. I can’t be living in a rondavel with rats running all over me,” he said to himself.

Vusi went back to the farm and helped the elders with herding cattle. Later in the night, Vusi planned how he was going to kill the man living in his house.

Vusi slept and woke up early in the morning. He went to his house and waited for the man to come out of the house, only to find Busi going to work. Vusi decided that he must get into the house. He wore a balaclava and gloves. He went into the house silently and strangled the man with a belt. The man shouted for help until he died.

Vusi searched the house and found an album. Vusi viewed the photos until he realised that he had killed his son. The man he thought was dating Busi was actually his son. His daughter was in the university studying law.

Vusi regretted what he had done. He placed the album back and went outside. “I killed my son! What have I done!” he said while crying. Vusi went back to the farm in misery. “I regret what I have done! I killed my blood!” He went to sleep, crying with remorse and grief.

Tell us: Do you think Busi will find out the truth about Vusi?