I could hardly hear someone say, “ka tradie! tradie!”

I tried to spread my big round eyes to see the one who was speaking.

“What the hell are you looking at?” someone asked behind my seat while tapping my shoulder.

I turned around and she smiled at me. I could smell the expensive aroma of her perfume, and blessed the womb that carried her. She was very pretty in her sexy, elegant dress.

“Don’t tell me that you’re feeling sorry for yourself?” a man spoke to me, rudely.

“She is so pitiful, look how she is dressed; like my late grandma! She thinks that this is her home village,” this was another guy commenting on my long pink skirt.

I didn’t know where the other voices were coming from. I can only remember that being surrounded by naughty boys. I wanted to cry, but I pushed my tears inside. All these rude boys were laughing at me so badly. Suddenly, the noise ceased after some grey haired old man of about sixty entered into the lecture theatre. Everyone went back to their seats silently. Now, it was peaceful.

I went back to my room after the lecture. The whole first week of the semester was so terrible and hectic. All I could see were pretty girls with fat asses and nice tits. They had nothing to lose since all men were after them. As for me, a tradie, I was being mocked each and every day by these rich kids born with silver spoons in their mouths. They didn’t know what poverty was like to someone coming from village.

I had only one friend, Emmie, from the same high school. We usually sat together during lectures. But this day, she was nowhere to be seen. She used to be my saviour
when it came to these naughty boys. I tried to spread my eyes to every corner of the class but I couldn’t see her.

Some guy next to me tried to talk to me, “I like you, this is my second time seeing you.”

I didn’t see him clearly, I was busy searching for my friend. I had an emptiness in my eyes like a ghost tired of haunting.

Late in the afternoon hours, Emmie came back from wherever she went, so she took me to the tennis club for training. Upon reaching the tennis ground, I bumped into a stone. Luckily enough, I fell into good hands. I looked at the person who saved me from falling. He looked so handsome to behold. Suddenly, I heard the same voice I had heard in class, but I pushed him so hard.

“But I just saved you, won’t you say thank you?” he insisted.

I smiled at him. I knew his name now. He was Ackim. He had golden skin. One thing I didn’t realise was that he fell in love with my moon shaped face graced with dimples that made me look pretty fly. This charming prince changed my self-esteem and my tradie.

Now, the fact that my whole life revolves around this charming prince on campus, it’s really annoying to everyone that has known me for a while. It only took him a second to remove my ugly clothes, to expose my beauty and my magical dimples that attract all the men on campus, like a magnet. Now, I wear beautiful clothes and walk in corridors holding hands with my prince without anyone insulting me.


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