The love of my life, by that I mean the girl of my life, my first lover, the one that revealed my first experience of what they call true love.

Back then we were so young, what did we know about love. What was love? I guess love was what we had; it was so strong, mighty, and powerful. Many tried to break us apart. The worst of it all, even her friends never loved the idea of us being in a relationship.

I still remember when she first hugged me, I felt like I was floating. The bond between us was strong; nothing moved us. Till the day she left me. I curse that day because it brought nothing but pain and sorrow. That day left me broken into million pieces.

Do you want to know why? It is because when she came back from the holidays she wasn’t the same. She was a changed person. When I would greet her or try to have a conversation with her she would be rude and insult me. You know what they usually say, memories never fade especially memories that involve love. I still remember when she bought me a P.S chocolate written, I Love You. To me it wasn’t just chocolate, it meant more than chocolate. I wish she knew that. Back then I didn’t have anything to offer to her except my snake toy – stupid me.

What was I thinking about giving her a snake toy? What can I say? The snake toy I gave her was the only present I had for her. It came from the bottom of my heart. There’s a lot to tell about her, the love of my heart and the bone of my Bone

Things are complicated right now, we aren’t together. I wish she knows that she will always have a place in my heart.


Tell us: Would you continue loving a person who doesn’t love you back? Motivate your answer.