Poor planning

Dear friend, it is not a plan to bet on the lottery or play Casino games. The only person who planned well is the one who came up with an idea of establishing those games.

Knowing poverty

Dear friend, poverty is the state of mind. You can be poor but don’t look poor. Try to stand tall and walk tall. And ability to conquer poverty came with you to this world. You were holding it in your hands the day you were born. Now open your hands, investigate yourself and use each and every talent you have.


Oh, dear friend. That one is actually your grave and not just an obstacle. It brings fear and doubt. So stop comparing yourself with others, don’t do things because others are doing them. Do what you are happy about, what will make your future family proud when you have achieved it.


Dearest one, don’t tell yourself that you know. Seek to learn every now and then to improve your knowledge. Even Jesus quoted man written scripts that he knew long before they were written. So what is it that you really know exactly?


Help those in need of your help and help with a warm heart. You are building a relationship with them and a great covenant with God. Share the information and the knowledge you have with others before it becomes useless to you too.

Doubts (lack of faith)

You better stop praying if you doubt the God that you are praying to. Know that you can because He can. Pray with faith; it can move mountains if you didn’t know.

Lack Of Patience

Dear friend when you feel like giving up just know you are getting there. Start giving up on the idea of giving up. You can make it through education or your talent, just focus more on what you do best and what you really have passion for. Life was never meant to be easy but everything was meant to be possible.