Losing someone is an experience like no other. Feelings are no longer felt in the same way, and if you never see the person again, you feel isolated, as if they left a hole in your heart.

Losing someone, whether in death or not, can be really painful. People react to loss in different ways. Losing my mom was really hard; she was my best friend, sister and father all in one. She was my everything. I feel as though my heart would never heal again, no one could help me. Only God could help me through my grief.

There was a time I felt like I needed to go for professional counselling, but because of time constraints, I never quite got to it. Due to God’s guidance, I felt a lot better after 5 months and was finally able to move on with my life.

How about you, have you ever felt the same way as I did about losing a relative, friend or someone who you were really close too?

I had a friend whose name was Louis, she was a friend of mine from Drama School. We were so close, being with her really made me happy. It was nice to have someone who could put a smile on my face even after so much time. We would do a lot in class. Sometimes, she would play with my dreadlocks and pretend they were a mop as she sang on. She ate my nuts as she sang merrily on.

Within a week’s time, she got involved in a car accident and passed away. My heart was so broken. I thought I found a best friend and something just had to happen to her. I really didn’t know how to react. I attended her funeral and seeing her parents scream as the casket went down really broke my heart.

It’s so sad that some people we lose are the very same people we need and have a great impact on our lives. When they are gone what we have left are our memories and how much we can live and keep pushing, just remembering the impact that they had in our lives.

One thing I noticed is that we can never ever forget the people that we lost but we can try to live on with what they thought us. We can use that to regain strength when we are done and use those memories to keep on loving them.


Have you lost a friend that was close to your heart? And what keeps you going since her/his loss?