So it is said: “God answers in three ways:

1. He says yes, and gives you what you want.
2. He says no, and gives you something better.
3. He says wait, and gives you the best.”

See, it has been almost two years since I completed matric. Immediately after receiving my results, I had everything worked out in my mind. I knew when and where was I going to further my studies and I knew what I wanted to study.

Unfortunately reality slapped me in the face. My parents didn’t have the kinda money required for me to register at university. For a year I was at home with absolutely no purpose in life, I lived the same routine everyday: get up in the morning to do house chores, bath, cook, log in to FunDza and read until my battery dies, then off to bed, sleep, awake in the morning and… same thing!

Before I knew it, the year had ended and another was beginning. Now my resolution was to create a CV and start job seeking. From January to June I sent CV’s to countless companies with no luck! Am I cursed or what? Doesn’t it matter that I passed with an exemption? It seems like most of these companies – if not all – are looking for individuals with ‘experience’.

Time is not on my side. Next year I’m turning 21 and I haven’t done anything purposeful with my life. So, I decided to take a different route.

I went online and searched for learnerships or voluntary work… anything to keep me busy! I wanted to apply for as many posts as I could but, truly speaking, there weren’t many I came across. So I was only able to apply for two learnerships.

Days went by while I waited with anticipation for at least one response. God answered my prayers. One of the companies called and told me I met all the requirements for the learnership and that I should attend an orientation class in Bloemfontein.

I was ecstatic!

But my excitement didn’t last for long. I realised Bloemfontein was too far from where I live and I had no transport money. So… I told myself that God was saying, “No, let me give you something better.”

But still I felt useless… all my friends are studying or working. What about me?

Guess what? The second learnership called! And they asked me to come to their offices for briefing and training purposes. I was happy. This company was not far from where I lived so I saw no obstacles blocking my path. I went to their offices, wrote an assessment test, which I passed, and had an interview immediately afterwards.

I got accepted and I was trained for almost three hours. After training I was sent back home and told to expect an SMS. What??? kanti wasn’t I already in?

After a day I received the SMS. This congratulated and told me to go back to the offices on the Monday to sign the contract. I was overwhelmed. Finally! Finally things seemed to be working out for me… I saw a glimpse of light.


Before that Monday I again received an SMS from the same company informing me that the learnership has been put on hold and they would have to confirm a new date for me to report to the office for the signing of the contract. WTF?!

I am still waiting for the new date.

So, this brings me to God’s third answer. He says, “Wait” and then gives you the best.

Yeah, I am waiting.

I’ve applied to other places…

God, I am still waiting for the best.

It is said that God’s timing is always the best.

I am waiting, oh dear Lord, waiting for my chance to blow.


Tell Us: Are you also waiting for your chance to blow?