Modimolle was a kingdom of magic. In the time before our forefathers, magic was discovered here in the kingdom of Modimolle. It has rolled over from generation to generation.

Thabo was a boy who believed in miracles. He was living with his mother since his father died when he was still young. His mother used to share stories with Thabo. Sometimes she would tell him a story about his grandmother, who had disappeared before Thabo was born. Everyone in his house was a church member and God was their first priority.

Every midnight dreams fell for every person who was asleep. Those who didn’t know better called them sweet dreams. Thabo had a dream where he saw a house in the forest. He was still asleep early on Sunday morning, when the sun took over and the night fell, as his mother woke him so they could get ready for church.

“I can’t go to church today because I am not feeling well,” he said, and his mother went to church alone.

After his mother left for church, Thabo woke up and started preparing to go hunting in the forest but got tired along the way. He saw a big tree and moved towards it. He rested next to a beautiful blossoming flower. Thabo slept more than an hour there, and when he woke up he saw a magical house next to the flower. He got up and took three steps towards the house, then knocked. But no one was there to open. He pushed the door and entered. He saw a red chicken that lay golden eggs and an old woman there.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing in my house?” she asked.

Thabo was surprised and scared at the same time and he couldn’t respond. While he was throwing his eyes all around, he realised that this was the very same house he had seen in the dream.

“There are lots of things that the woman is hiding,” a huge voice said.

Then Thabo saw a giant scary ogre. It tried to grab Thabo but he managed to get away and hide in the house. Then the ogre went back, next to his chicken. He shouted his name, “Ogre, ogre, ogre!” The chicken got scared as well and laid one golden egg for him, and the ogre was satisfied within a moment and fell asleep.

Thabo tried to sneak out to steal the golden chicken. His mission was successful and he went back home with the chicken.

At home, Thabo couldn’t stop thinking about the old woman. He never told his mother about that fateful Sunday.

After two days, Thabo decided to go back to the ogre’s house. He went inside the house again but this time the ogre saw him entering and was furious. It went under its bed and took out a bomb. Angrily, the ogre set it to detonate. Thabo grabbed the old woman and they both ran out of the house.

The bomb blew up the house with the ogre inside. When the dust settled, treasures that the ogre had stolen from the people of the Modimolle kingdom were discovered. Thabo and the old woman went to Thabo’s house and when they got there, Thabo’s mother recognised the woman he was with. Thabo fell down because he was tired and his mother ran towards the old woman with tears in her eyes. She hugged her and Thabo’s grandmother dropped tears.

Thabo stood up, confused. “What is going on, ma?” he asked.

“My child, this old woman you are with is your grandmother! She is my mother, she disappeared long time ago! The story that I used to tell you was about her,” she explained.

The granny came back to her senses. and they were all laughing together as a happy family. They went inside the house and Thabo’s mother made them tea to warm them up. Thabo’s mother wanted to know how her mother disappeared and how Thabo had found her.

“We promise to tell you all about it tomorrow,” they said.

Thabo become a hero and his mother was grateful to have a wise son like him. The granny was thankful to him for saving her life. If it was not for Thabo, his granny would not have come home and his mother would not have seen her mother again.

The people of Modimolle were all happy. They even visited Thabo’s home just to thank him, and gave him lots of gifts to show their gratitude. By doing great things unto others, even if they are small, your blessings will be more than you have given to others. The Modimolle kingdom become a happy kingdom ever after. The ogre was gone.


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