The higher you try to go in life, the more people are gonna try to bring you down. But remember to just keep on moving on. Never try to focus on anybody else because your life is not their life and your journey is not their journey.

Everyone is moving on with his or her own chapter of life. For people don’t wanna see other people progressing with their lives, they always try to look for a breakthrough to your downfall so as to see your face being flooded with a lot of tears of sadness than rather tears of joy.

As you live here on earth, never try to hate or envy the lives of other people who are higher than you. But rather let them be one of your sources of motivation and inspiration at all times for they are going to help you work hard in whatsoever you are working on.

Hating or envying the lives of other people who are doing well and are also in higher levels than yourself will bear you nothing. Maybe a jealous heart, pain or anger in your life. Know that those people who are on a higher level of their lives had to struggle and work very extra hard in order to reach that far.