Money is impanda yesono, the root of sin. It doesn’t matter whether you’re old or young but it will corrupt you.

Jack and John were close friends; they were not only friends but cousins. Jack was 17 years old, doing grade 8 and John was 20 years old, doing grade 10. At school everyone knew these guys, even teachers. They were involved in skeem (gang culture) and they were all together five, Kenny, Kendrick and Nathi, three friends of theirs who were not schooling.

All their parents were in rural areas, renting a room. They lied to their parents about their grades.

It was Friday afternoon on a sunny day and everyone was OK, there was a song saying so. Jack and John were chilling with their friends smoking weed. These guys seemed to be so deep in thinking or maybe they were just high. They thought of breaking into a local store, obviously they would share the money. Remember money is the root of sin.

Now everything was well planned, what was left now was action.

The time of action had arrived and everyone was ready, but these were kids, what would they do with the money? They broke the store window and encountered bad luck. Someone saw them and she called the police while these kids were busy taking the money. John gave money to Jack on their way out. John’s hat had fallen in the store and he went back to take it while his friends were running. The police arrived and he was arrested.

Jack, Kenny, Kendrick and Nathi shared the money equally and they forgot about John. Since John was a first-time offender he got bail. His parents were very disappointed but they bailed him out.

John was out and there was no money left for him. He was going to take his clothes because his parents asked him to come back home. When he got to the house he found Jack fitting on a very nice sneaker.

Without greeting he demanded, “Where is my cut brother?”

Jack replied smiling at his sneaker, “Your cut? There is no cut for you, we have shared all the money,”

John was angry. “You can’t do that.”

Jack replied, “We just did and you can’t change it.”

John, with anger went straight to the drawer of the cupboard and he took a knife.

“Brother, I asked you where is my cut?”

“I’ve said it brother and I repeat, there is no cut for you,” Jack said with fear.

Within a twinkle of an eye, blood was splattered. John stabbed him for money. Is he dead? Remember, I’ve said money is the root of sin. Yes, he is dead, just for few a Rands he lost his life.