People like the idea of being in a Model C school. They love the idea of looking presentable, being respected and being noticed by a lot of people. Being in a Model C school is like an achievement. It’s a bonus for those who don’t know what it’s like to go to a school where you have access to all the resources you need; sports equipment, stationary and a good working environment.

One of our learners said that they enjoy the sport events that take place each term. To them, it’s one of the best things that have ever happened to them. Watching all the matches live for free, especially the first team rugby, seeing the people cheering, chanting and singing, it’s heart-warming moments. Others say they enjoy the cultural events that take place once in a while. Some just like the way the school looks and what they’ve heard about it.

Being in a Model C school has its own perks, some say. Going out on school/sports camps, school initiation day for the newbies, camping in the school hall, sports day events, fundraising and all the amazing things you can imagine makes it so enjoyable. But these schools aren’t all about fun and games you have got to put in a lot of work; late night studying for tests and exams.

Thankfully they have very well educated teachers to assist them and help be the best that they can. But let us not give the educators all the credit. There are pretty amazing and smart learners who deserve to be awarded for their great work. Usually they are awarded with these wonderful award ceremonies for both academic and sport awards and silver and gold medals or trophies.

The point is, being in a Model C school is amazing. There are so many opportunities for you to go and explore and enjoy while receiving a great education.


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