Walking down a familiar path I look upon the blue skies decorated with white spots of clouds, birds soaring high and leafs drifting off. Closing my eyes, with my nose pointing upwards, I feel the cold autumn breeze brush over my pale face and through my dark-brown hair. I stand there for a moment remising about days passed, faces fly through my mind: a kind boy, an energetic girl with long, brown hair, and me smiling.

It’s been so long since I’ve smiled that way. I open my eyes and gaze forward to the concrete path that stretches for miles. I walk onward, passing some large trees and beautiful houses. This was the road I took home every day after school, a lonely path that I hated walking alone. Well, until you came and livened up the scenes.

I hear a familiar female voice ringing in my ears, “Where you spacing off to again?” I feel her bash into me and her arm locking into mine. “Day dreaming much,” her chuckle brings a smile to my face. Leave it to my best friend to take the loneliness away, I think as I join in on her chuckle. I needed no-one else; she filled the hole that was in my life ever since we moved here. Her friendly laugh, her brown eyes and her acceptance was all I ever needed.

I gaze over at her as we make our way home, lively as always, I smile again. An alarm catches my attention, my phone. Reaching into my pocket I pull it out and flip open the text.

I miss you matjie it read…

My expression changes to the sadness I feel in my heart. I gaze over at the face that is fading before my eyes; a memory is all she is. She is gone and my surroundings are being pulled into a black hole that appears in the sky. Everything vanishes until I am left standing alone in nothing but a dark room. I plunge to my knees…

Opening my eyes I release a sigh, I am standing in my room staring at the status. I open the comment bar… there is a reply from her. Tears fill my eyes and pain stings my heart. When did I stop being her best friend? The girl who walked beside me is now miles away and I am no longer a part of her world. I have been replaced with a gorgeous redhead. She is now entertained by her great personality and kind heart.

I place the phone back on the cupboard I had found it and wipe the tears from my eyes. I stroll out of the small room and head towards the lounge. There I wrap my loving arms around the body of the kind boy sitting in front of a laptop. I kiss him on the cheek and feel his arm embracing me around the neck and the words “I love you, Yume,” soothe my aching heart.

Though you’re gone Esra, I know I will be okay. I have my knight, my prince in shinny armour, my love. I am happy 🙂